The Science

Our Story: Science-Based Vitamins & Supplements

In 2009, we were inspired to research nutritionals that could make a difference for a family member who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. A concern was raised after a routine PSA test showed a significant increase (double) from the same test performed a year earlier. A biopsy later confirmed the presence of cancer cells and a diagnosis of prostate cancer was made by the physician.

Several physicians provided different treatment options that included surgery, removing the prostate, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, and “watchful waiting.” No nutritional guidance was provided despite a wealth of scientific research showing the potential benefits of using certain vitamins and supplements. Although we always had significant interest in nutritionals, the spark that transformed these interests into a driven passion was the urgent need to help.

We are scientists by occupation and experts at research techniques and understanding technical information. We promptly researched every scientific study that could identify nutrients and amounts that might make a difference. Our next step was to find the best and highest quality products that would provide the nutrients we needed and in the right amounts. We reviewed vitamins and supplements from a vast array of companies and cherry-picked the best. This was an exhaustive search with the additional important objective to minimize the number of capsules that need to be taken each day. There is no value in finding a superb mix of vitamins and supplements if the person loses their will to take them. We made refinements based on the latest research and new products that became available.

An aggressive nutritional support protocol was started and a subsequent drop in the PSA level hinted that a “watchful waiting” strategy would be best given the circumstances. The surgery date was cancelled and “watchful waiting” in conjunction with close physician monitoring (PSA tests, regular biopsies) and a comprehensive nutritional protocol was chosen as the go-forward strategy.

Regular biopsies have been performed and have not shown additional cancer cells and PSA tests have been relatively stable for several years. Although we can’t prove with the scientific rigor required that the cancer has been impacted by our protocols, as only strict clinical trials would need to be performed to determine the efficacy of our nutritional protocols, the family member continues with the same go-forward plan and has moved on with his life. Our nutritional support protocol is only to be used in conjunction with the expertise and counsel of your physician. This partnership must be in place and is critical to making proper and successful health decisions. We provide a nutritional support opportunity for you and your doctor to explore.

While proud of our success, we continued to follow our normal career paths and occasionally provided nutritional guidance within our circle of family and friends if requested and without much fanfare. But an inspirational moment in 2013 set us on a course to extend our reach and pursuits with the formation of MainLine Prostate.