Welcome to MainLine Prostate

We have been personally inspired to develop an advanced science-based nutritional protocol to support prostate health based on our own journey that started with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Our support protocol is customized to your needs and is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with your physician’s recommended treatment plan for prostate cancer.

Although we are not physicians, our Team is highly educated with bachelor, master, and post graduate degrees in science-based areas of study.

Prostate cancer is a life threatening and feared disease that has intimately touched our own team. We offer you the opportunity to explore and understand the immense importance of supplements and vitamins that are well-supported by scientific studies.

Our Devon PA based business was formed because of our success with our personally developed protocol and is now totally driven by the success of our clients. We sincerely hope that you gain from our knowledge and recognize the value of the protocol and supporting guidance. Questions are encouraged and we promise to provide you with a prompt reply.

We use or have used all of the nutritional products that we recommend.

The Staff at Mainline Prostate