Prostate Cancer Nutritional Support

Have you received news of a rising PSA, or
even worse, a diagnosis of prostate cancer?

Partner with Us – consider our personal cancer journey and leverage the knowledge we gained

We explored all available options after experiencing rising PSA levels and receiving our own diagnosis of prostate cancer. Our successful strategy for the last 9 years has been to follow a protocol of vitamins and supplements in conjunction with close monitoring by a physician.

The Science

Scientific research shows potential nutritional support benefits of specific vitamins and supplements for prostate cancer.




Customized Nutritional Support Protocol for each Client (vitamins/supplements, exact dosage, places to purchase), Consulting Support (via e-mail).



The Supplements

12+ candidate compounds including lycopene, resveratrol, green tea. Exact products/concentrations identified.



Our Process

Customized Vitamin/Supplement Protocol

Protocol (vitamins/supplements) is developed based on Client responses to several health relevant questions.

Follow the Protocol

Client purchases the exact supplement products identified, and follows the daily dosage recommendations. Typically 10 products (capsules & liquids) per day.

Consulting & Follow-Up

Regular monitoring via emails and protocol adjustments (if warranted) are provided.